No risk two-week taster sessions Initial consultation and two 20-minute follow ups at week one and week two. Email access in between sessions - £250

This 3-session package begins with a 90-minute initial consultation. I take an in-depth case history and gain a thorough understanding of your life history and diet. Depending on what is uncovered, I ask most clients to visit their local GP to request a free blood test for further analysis of health status.  From a nutritional perspective, there is a lot that can be gleaned from these test results and they also form the basis for some of the education that follows during the more in depth three-month transformational coaching package. 

The results help form a picture of where you are starting from in terms of your health.  They give an understanding of what to look out for in order to work towards optimal health. The tests can also be done privately with a finger prick device from a private laboratory. During this session, clear goals are set.  I may recommend some supplements on a short-term basis, depending on what comes up.

After researching your case history, I will devise an eating plan to best suit your lifestyle. By both changing and introducing small habits, we’ll begin to change the composition of your diet and lifestyle to get you healthier. A lot of time and research goes into this session and forms the foundation for the rest of our time together. 

A few days after this session and following further research, I send an overview and structure of your action plan which we discuss a week later in the second 20-minute nutritional coaching session.

Two weeks later you have your final 20-minute nutritional coaching session to ensure that you are clear about your nutritional plan moving forwards.

If you take up the two-week taster and feel that you would like continued support then this fee can be offset against the Three month total transformation package as long as it is taken up within a month of having had your final two-week taster session.