What my clients have to say

Approaching the end of 5 years on tamoxifen following a breast cancer diagnosis, I was full of anxiety about losing the protection this drug gave me. I kept putting the date off and needed some extra confidence to just do it. I really wanted to find out what I could do to protect my body in a more holistic way as I knew that I wanted to be over the drug side effects. My profile was complex as I also have type 1 diabetes, but from the outset it was clear that Karen had a wealth of knowledge to share and her nutritional advice was based on thorough research and nuanced understanding of my medical and emotional needs. The programme felt achievable and tuned in to how my personality might influence adopting any changes.

Karen’s support was dynamic, positive and engaging. She doesn’t let you off the hook but offers great encouragement and always has some wise words to help you tackle whatever obstacles you encounter. Most important, she approached our sessions with warmth, empathy and kindness and I quickly grew to trust her enormously.

I have come off tamoxifen now and feel all the better for it. I wake up full of energy and people continually comment on how good my skin and hair look. I feel full of energy and empowered to make good choices around my health. Thanks to Karen, I have made many positive changes which are now becoming permanent features in my life.

Debby, London

I wish I had seen Karen years ago, she has helped solve  the issues I was experiencing with my gut health as well as educate me to stay well in the future.  Karen is passionate, enthusiastic, trustworthy, patient, friendly, caring and fun. She will fully support and help you get well through her intricate knowledge of the body, nutrition and emotional wellbeing. I am really pleased with how I am feeling as a result of seeing Karen.

Jane, St Albans

For years I'd been struggling with perpetual tiredness, gas and bloating. After numerous doctors appointments and blood tests with no answers I knew I needed to try something different. I met Karen at a talk she gave and she was friendly, engaging and hugely passionate about nutrition and how it can affect our lives. It still took me a further 10 months until I bit the bullet and signed up for 6 sessions but that's down to my procrastination and not Karen's fascination with poo!

Karen was very thorough discussing my lifestyle, symptoms, aims & life goals. Straight away she made me feel comfortable and had immediate suggestions on things that could help. By this point in my symptoms I was ready to throw the kitchen sink at it and Karen suggested 3 tests that she thought would be helpful in putting together a plan and all 3 contributed to my diagnosis and plan.

6 months down the line and my lifestyle has changed significantly. I have more energy, have started losing weight for the first time in years, have overhauled my diet to help with a thyroid condition (last test my numbers had halved!) and quit my job! Karen has given me the tools to make this my new everyday and now the routine has become a habit.

I can't thank Karen enough for what she has done for me and her continued support and encouragement. If you are thinking of working with her my advice is go for it - it is a life changing experience.

Kate, London


I’ve had several appointments with Karen to support me with my diet, energy and hormone levels and to help me improve my sleep. Karen’s advice and guidance on diet, exercise and supportive nutritional supplements has made me feel much healthier. My sleep has improved and hormone levels have balanced. Karen's NLP coaching strategies have allowed me to feel more in control of my life and I am more aware of the behaviours I need to implement to make positive changes. I would whole heartedly recommend Karen to anyone who needs support with their diet and general mental health.

Selenna, London

I first met Karen at a fitness boot camp in the summer of 2018.  Most of my adult life I have suffered  from digestive issues and severe constipation. Karen was giving a nutritional speech at boot camp and every thing she said resonated with me and the issues I had. I took the opportunity to explore my issues in more detail with Karen's support and guidance.  This proved to be one of the best decisions I've ever made.

Karen took copious notes from our initial meeting, after digesting them she advised some small changes to my diet with the aim of improving my gut and digestive tract.  As I began to feel the benefits, and following further sessions with Karen and diet changes,  my digestive system improved and the constipation began to shift also!

I cannot recommend Karen highly enough, she has been an inspiration, a god send and a totally amazing support to me during this process. I love that she listened and heard what was being said, she made suggestions that sounded scarier than they were, once tried they worked. 

I believe I got so much from our time because I was ready for change and was happy to be guided  in the right direction. Thank you Karen from the bottom of my heart.

Anna E, London

Karen made me feel empowered and in control at a time when I felt lost. From my first session, she was able to identify where I needed support and how she could bring out the best in me. In our subsequent sessions, she unfolded and unpacked the root causes of my eating habits, barriers to achieving my best running times, and how to understand and manage my emotions. I thought I had a relatively healthy diet, but under Karen's guidance, I changed the types of nutrients in my meals with suggested recipes. These small changes made an incredible difference in my mood, energy levels and gave me a focus and drive. Because she explained how my body was using this food down, I've changed my lifestyle and kept to it. Throughout the sessions, she monitored by exercise patterns and could recognise the challenges I had. It's because of her encouragement that I ended running Personal Bess after my first couple of sessions! Karen asks the right questions, which is why the results far exceeded my expectations. I knew my emotions were dictating a lot of habits, but she dug deeper and helped me visualise and build a healthy and happy future. 


Karen has a special way of understanding you and that's why, in even an short period of time, she's made a huge impact on me. She sees your potential and using her in-depth knowledge of nutrition and healthcare and her personable skills, she gets to the heart of issues and helps you tackle them head on. Karen's holistic approach helped me understand myself - body and mind.

Melissa, London

Karen attended the Bank of England as a guest speaker where she spoke about the subject of special dietary requirements for the Afro Caribbean community in the Western Hemisphere. During the lunchtime session celebrating Black HIstory month, Karen addressed the subject of Vitamin D deficiency and how it can affect conditions such as diabetes type 2 which is more common in the Afro Carribbean community in the UK. This is a particularly important topic as diabetes type 2 is a lifestyle disease that is preventable with the right knowledge.

Feedback from attendees praised Karen's accessible and motivational style f presentation which was easy to relate to, informative and engaging. Karen is a very powerful presenter and I would definitely recommend her if you are looking to inspire your workforce. 

Jasper, Manager at Bank of England.

To say that Karen helped transform my life would be an understatement. The woman is a force to be reckoned with. She helped me change my job, she help me change my diet, she help me find myself again. Karen really tailors her plans to you which is SO important to long term results. Her tools are no longer a "plan" for me, but just simply my lifestyle. She is amazing at her job and extremely knowledgeable, but more importantly, she is a fantastic human being. I will shout her praises from the rooftops

Erica Fagundes, London 

I attended a lunch and learn event which Karen presented regarding Wellbeing. I instantly connected to the types of stress Karen spoke about and the effects these stresses have on our body and our moods. Rather than just talking about this in a general way, Karen gave examples of what we could do to improve these moods and dips. She explained how relaxation, exercise and diet can really help to change these patterns. Examples of what types of food to incorporate, increase and limit in our diets were given. This will enable us to feel more energised throughout the day, reducing sugar highs and lows and therefore generally improving our moods. I found the session very useful and wanted to know more so I met with Karen on a 1:1 basis.  

I am having a very difficult time at the moment, I find the simplest of tasks challenging and I was looking for a strategy to help me get through the day without feeling so stressed and low. Karen was able to help me. She taught me a strategy, something which I can do at any point of the day, wherever I am and it only takes a few minutes. This enables me to re-centre myself, concentrating on feeling strength and energy. This has resulted in a much more positive mind-set. I have been using this tool since our meeting and find it really useful.

Karen was extremely understanding, kind and knowledgeable during our session and I would highly recommend her services.

Corporate lunch and learn attendee, London

I attended a talk held by Karen and was instantly drawn to her energy about the importance of maintaining good nutrition and wellbeing, as well as her professional experience as a personal trainer. I knew that she was the right person to help address my health and fitness concerns. Karen listened to my needs during my consultations whilst ensuring she fully understood what I wanted to achieve from working with her. She swiftly prepared a clear and detailed plan that addressed my personal goals, whilst ensuring that her recommendations were accessible and appropriate to my dietary preferences. I appreciated the time she took to explain her plan in more detail through a FaceTime conversation, which also gave me the opportunity to ask questions about the plan to make sure I fully understood it. The best thing about Karen’s recommendations is that they are suited to my lifestyle and not wildly obscure, which means that they are sustainable and straightforward enough to incorporate into my diet. I would highly recommend Karen to anyone looking to support their health through good nutrition!

Dee Saund, London

Before I started my sessions with Karen I felt pretty low on physical energy and motivation with bouts of depression.
I took out a 5 session coaching package with Karen. With Karen’s nutritional plan I now have more energy and a stronger control over my moods and emotions. I was assigned some NLP visualisation techniques to focus on my goals and establish clarity around my future visions. During my time with Karen we identified emotional issues I had either ignored or pushed out of my mind. Karen's firm but sincere approach was excellent and her extensive knowledge made it possible for her to identify  the underlying issues I needed to deal with
I now have a sugar and wheat free diet which I never thought I could achieve in such a small amount of time. I am more productive, hold on to negative emotions less and have a lot more self-confidence than I’ve had in a long time
I would recommend Karen as a coach to anybody who wants to change his or her life with visible results pretty much after the first session. Amazing.  Thank you Karen, you are indeed The health creator!!

Victor Corsini, London

I took up a 5 session plan with Karen, with the aim to increase my energy levels and to make some decisions over the next steps in my career. 

I found Karen's holistic approach to work with both the body and the mind was incredibly insightful. Karen created a nutritional plan, full of suggestions that were tailored to me. Changes to my diet and exercise improved the way I was feeling in a surprisingly short amount of time. I became clearer on the important values in my life and with practical advice and through playful thinking, I was encouraged to move nearer to my goals.

Karen is intuitive, motivating and energetic. I would wholeheartedly recommend Karen to anyone who is looking to improve themselves or create change in their life. Karen will challenge and support you in all the right ways, to help you move forwards and you'll be thankful for it.

Olivia Twaites, London

Karen is a professional who is passionate about her work and extremely knowledgeable. Karen has an abundance of inspirational energy and is also a lovely person who exudes enthusiasm and motivation.

I have worked all my life and the thought of retiring absolutely horrified me.  However, after a few sessions with Karen, she has transformed my future outlook.  Karen and I have planned everything I would like to achieve in retirement and I am now terribly excited about spending time abroad, learning to play golf and many other opportunities that retirement will give me.  Karen has inspired me to look forward to a new phase in my life and I am very excited.  I have already put a savings plan in place and relish the thought of retiring.  

Karen has inspired me to achieve my goals in life and I would highly recommend her.

Sue Parsons – Guildford

"I went along to one of Karen’s seminars where she spoke about health and wellbeing.  It was here that I was shocked into realising that my diet was making me unhealthy and I was experiencing many of the symptoms she spoke about.  Since then I have been making conscience food choices where I am eating food that provides good nutritional value.  In the space of one month, I have seen my skin, digestion and even my energy levels markedly improved." 

Sabina Saini, London

I hadn’t had a good relationship with my mum for a number of years. However the NLP session with Karen gave me the extra empowerment and the tools l needed to truly let go of the past and find a way to accept my Mum as she is. This has helped immensely with the relationship with my mum (we can actually spend a weekend together and enjoy each other for the first time in years) and it has also helped in other areas of my life. When l think about how well the session went, I would always highly recommend Karen. Not only is she a brilliant NLP therapist but she also one of the most beautiful, passionate, caring, giving and loving souls l have ever meet.

LC, London 

I had a number of appointments with Karen to support me with my diet and to help me improve my sleep and I also wanted help with managing a very stressful job. I was Principal Social Worker in a Local Authority and part of that role meant I was one of the leads for child protection in that Local Authority. This role involved both a great deal of responsibility  but also a great deal of stress and I was really struggling with sleep and a poor diet of lots of sugar and chocolate was making my stress levels increase still further. After a number of consultations with Karen and advice on diet and excerise , as well as  some additional supportive nutrient supplementation I started to sleep much better, my diet improved and I felt much  more healthy. Of course my job was still stressful but I was better at managing the stress and I was able to carry out my role much more effectively. Indeed a number of colleagues commented that I seemed much less stressed and much clearer in my thinking shortly after Karen's NLP coaching intervention. I would not hesitate to recommend Karen to anyone who would like support with their diet and indeed their physical and mental well-being more generally.

Clive Diaz, Bristol

Karen has an energy and rapport that naturally uplifts, inspires and puts you at ease. Her expertise was invaluable when I needed some help discerning some clarity around a concept I had been struggling with. Karen was able to guide me to a clear conclusion, which helped to propel me towards my goal.

LH, London