Energy, mood and fatigue

Are you suffering with:

Brain fog or feeling spaced out?

Cravings for sugary foods, alcohol, caffeine or other processed foods?

Feeling tired all the time or energy slumps?

Anxiety or depression?


Research shows that our gut bacteria status plays a vital role in hormone balance, in the functioning of our nervous system and thus our mental health.

An imbalance can disrupt what is called the gut brain axis. Changes in the composition of the diet caused by stressful lifestyles, antibiotic use, excess refined sugar, alcohol use, and bad diets can have an impact on the way in which the brain functions, which can lead to anxiety, depression, fatigue or mood disorders.

Certain foods have an almost immediate impact on our moods such as refined sugary and processed foods, alcohol and caffeine. All of these to some extent can be addictive too. It’s amazing at how such simple changes to diet can change how someone feels. It is possible to change our diet in order to feel better!

It’s not just nutrition that plays a part in mental health stability. Our emotional health matters too. As an NLP practitioner, I often tend to explore whether there is an emotional aspect to a health issue. This is useful where behaviours such as excessive alcohol or sugar intake may be associated with stress, boredom or another emotion that may impact negatively.

When looking at mental health, I work on both the emotional and physiological aspects of a client’s health in order to bring about stability and wellness.