Digestive disorders


Abdominal bloating, constipation, diarrhoea, heartburn, food intolerances, IBS, nausea, depression, headaches, abdominal cramping and pain, an inability to pass a stool – all these are symptoms of digestive disorders.


Nutritional therapy can appear almost miraculous in terms of the changes it can bring to the relief of such symptoms. 


Food itself is life giving, but combined with busy lifestyles, stress and suboptimal diets, the food we eat can bring on unwanted symptoms such as those listed above.


Our bodies are designed to thrive on an diet of real and whole foods, so optimising our nutritional intake is vital to healing any unwanted symptoms. You’ll be amazed how small tweaks to your diet can transform how you feel.


With digestive disorders, the key is to get to the root cause of the symptoms and understand what is causing the discomfort. 


During our time together, there will be a period of removing the suspected offending foods and those of little nutritional value. There is the possibility that I may recommend a food intolerance test or additional tests such as a stool test to help speed up our understanding of what is at the root cause of the issue. Next will come a period of healing with specific foods, and sometimes supplements. Time is also spent reflecting on rebalancing your diet and lifestyle choices to maintain optimal health. Moving forward, you can expect a life free of anxiety and stress around your symptoms as you’ll learn to make choices that keep you symptom free.