How can NLP help?

Often we know what we want to achieve but just can't seem to do so, we may feel stuck. We may want to reduce our sugar intake, give up smoking, stop playing small, reduce our weight or deal with a certain health issue through nutrition. NLP can help you to recognise why you have behaviours that may not be serving you and will give you the tools to change them. These can be behaviours such as emotional eating, binge eating, smoking, excessive alcohol abuse, excessive caffeine intake or shopping addictions


Often, breaking these old patterns of behaviours can help a person become unstuck so that they can go on to achieve huge changes in other areas of their lives. By looking at an unwanted behaviour, we can see what values a person is trying to fulfil, but is using the wrong behaviour such as excessive alcohol or binge eating.

For instance, a person may smoke in order to heighten levels of awareness. The value of awareness is important but the smoking behaviour is detrimental to health. By helping to change the behaviour the value stays the same but the behaviour change allows the person freedom to express who they are in a healthy and progressive way.


These changes have included leaving old jobs that no longer serve a person and getting a job that is more in line with a persons values allowing them to get more enjoyment out their day and a better salary;  leaving a mindset behind and entering into a new and loving relationship; reducing weight and creating an enjoyable social life.

NLP works really well with nutritional therapy as a coaching tool to create long and lasting changes.